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​​KYOTO  of   Healing,​​​

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​Higashihara style lymph korugi relaxation 

Lymph Corgi​30 minutes 6000 yen~/Massage loosening 60 minutes 3,600 yen~
Male customers are also welcome.


What's new


2024.4 We are showing before and after pictures of "Higashihara-style Lymphatic Corgi," a beauty treatment for small face with many repeat customers, on Instagram. Please take a look if you are interested.

We are planning to release various information and projects in the future, so please follow our account if you like.

Kyoto Hogushido Official Instagram

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2024.2 Kyoto Hogushido App.


We ask our customers who visit our group stores to register for the application. AppStore (for iphone) GooglePlay (for android) The application can also be downloaded from each store by searching for "Kyoto Hogushido". After downloading, please be sure to read the terms of use and disclaimer for store use before registering as a member. You can use your membership card easily and conveniently for stamp points, reservations, coupons, etc. for all group stores. If you already have a point card, please refer to the "Notice to Customers" on the right side of the image for point transfer.


oil treatment

​60 minutes ¥4,800~

Improves lymph flow and flushes out waste products


Higashihara style lymph corgi


eastA neat and small face with original lymph corgi

Be healed


The comfort and warmth of your hands.
Relax between bliss and sleep.
We will relieve your fatigue with all-hands treatment and provide you with a relaxing moment.
Leave it to us.



A peaceful space of relaxation from Kyoto.
We at Kyoto Hogushido, which has been nurtured in the atmosphere of the historic ancient capital, strive to become a place of refuge for everyone seeking calm and healing. Please stop by to soothe your tiredness.


Gorgeous and healthy

Beauty & Wellness

Do you know about the cosmetic small face surgery called Lymph Corgi? It is a beauty method that flushes out waste products and lymph from the face that have accumulated between the bones, and is expected to have effects such as making the face smaller and eliminating swelling. Just like the beauty of the changing seasons, your face will be healthy as you head into the new season. We have many repeat customers. Please try it.

Heal people and live

Therapist work

​Thank you in return.
We would like to introduce our therapists who support Kyoto Hogushido.

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