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Lymph Korugi -Higashihara style 

Q.What is lymph korugi?

Lymph korugi does not only stimulate superficial areas such as skin and muscles, but also stimulates deeper parts of the body by ``massaging bones with bones'' while improving distortions in the hip joints, pelvis, and skull. This activates the periosteum and its surroundings, and even improves blood and lymph flow. As a result, it is a safe and effective cosmetic surgery that brings beauty to your skin and expression.It is also recommended for those who suffer from swelling of the face and body due to slow metabolism, sensitivity to cold, irregular menstruation, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, numbness in the hands and feet, etc.


lymph korugi-
Higashihara style

The Higashihara-style lymphatic korugi massage, which is the foundation of our lymphatic korugi massage therapists, is a treatment that adds lymphatic massage to wash away waste products in addition to the usual facial treatment that applies pressure to the bones. Because the Higashihara style combines various approaches, it is characterized by its ability to provide a more refreshing feeling. Our treatments have been well-received by many people who care about beauty and health, regardless of gender, and we have many repeat customers. Please try it at our store.

"Demo experience short movie"

*Lymph korugi therapists at each store have mastered the Higashihara style and perform treatments that incorporate their own experience.
*Pain during the treatment will vary from person to person, but if you are concerned, please let the practitioner know.

From the inventor of Lymph Korgi- Higashihara-style to every one

Inventor of Higashihara-style Lymph Korugi

Lymph korugi is my own unique face reduction technique that incorporates the strengths of various face reduction therapies.
The skull is made up of 22 bone suturesIt has been done.
By stimulating this periosteum, it promotes the metabolism of the fascia and skin, resulting in a smaller face and rejuvenating effect.
In addition, by eliminating lymphatic stagnation, you can expect a detox effect to be achieved, which will help relieve facial blemishes and wrinkles.

Over the years, we have treated thousands of customers in Kyoto. Thanks to your support, we have received good reviews and a high repeat rate.
If you are interested in making your face smaller and rejuvenating your skin, please give it a try.

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