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Recruiting therapists

​Would you like to work with us as a therapist?

Kyoto Hogushido​ is recruiting therapists.
We are currently a small relaxation salon chain operating mainly in Kyoto.
​We can feel free to talk to each other about small problems and help each other.
We have been working on creating such a salon.
We are looking forward to applications from those who would like to create a place of relaxation and healing together.


free way of working

in a clean atmosphere

The clothes are chic and monochrome.

There are a few rules within the store.

​How you work is up to you.

Please feel free to ask me anything you are concerned about.

Be considerate and responsible as a human being

Please show your full potential.


Reliable training system

own companytraining school

Become a professional from scratch even if you have no experience. ​
Learn basic techniques from massage to foot massage for free. We also offer a variety of courses for those who want to learn more techniques. Experienced international therapists and certified professionals will support you until your store debuts. Learn manual techniques and customer service skills through extensive training.
Even if you have experience, there is an environment where you can ask questions to specialists if you have any concerns.


Easy-to-work salon

A store with a modern and simple design.
It is very popular not only with customers but also with therapists. We provide a calm environment where you can concentrate on your work. ​

relationship where you can discuss

If you have any problems, please discuss them with the staff.If you have more problems, please consult the store manager.If you have any concerns that you cannot express, please consult your general manager.
Kyoto Hogushido is characterized by its well-ventilated environment.Because all the staff in our organization are therapists.


​Employment type

◎Outsourced therapist
All therapists working at Kyoto Hogushido are independent contractors. We sign a business outsourcing contract, and instead of paying on a salary basis, we pay you only for the amount of work you do.
Specifically, it feels like each individual is running their own business using the Kyoto Hogushido store space.

◎Support system
In order for each therapist to be able to use the beds and facilities at our group stores and work comfortably, we provide daily support in conjunction with store managers and therapists, taking into account things like attracting customers and adjusting the number of staff. Let's eat.  

◎Reliable shift schedule
MonthPlease declare the hours you would like to work during each store's business hours. The decision will be made with the agreement of the therapist and our company, but please rest assured that we will respond to requests for shift changes due to subsequent circumstances.

Recruitment information

The image of the therapist you are looking for

People interested in healing, health, and beauty
Those who want to help someone
Someone who can interact with everyone cheerfully
People who are attentive, good listeners, and like communication.
​Those who want to acquire skills that will be useful for a lifetime

No experience required.
All you need is a feeling.
​Also, just have a little faith in Jibun.
​ Become a beloved therapist.

Therapist recruitment requirements
Recruitment area: Kyoto, Okinawa (scheduled store expansion to each region​)
Inexperienced/experienced/new graduates over 18 years old welcome
Holders of various national/private qualifications are welcome.
-Consignment fee amount-
Massage massage Early shift 60 minutes 1920 yen~ / Late shift 60 minutes 2040 yen~
Oil treatment Early shift 60 minutes 2220 yen~ / Late shift 60 minutes 2340 yen~
+Full amount paid for nomination fee of 200 yen or more
​Other fees vary depending on the treatment menu.
Experienced candidates can start working immediately after passing the interview and technical check.
Those with no experience will be required to complete the training course prescribed by our company.
We have a variety of male and female therapists working with us, and we also support those who are changing jobs from other industries.
We welcome inexperienced people who can take a positive approach. Aim to become a top-notch therapist from the basics through extensive training.
​Please contact us using the application form below​.

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