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our therapist

Our Therapists

The therapist is the moon and the sun.
We watch over our customers' rest, sometimes illuminating their shadows,
Create a moment to heal your mind and body.
We have therapists who can help you with this.

A variety of therapists

We have a large number of therapists with various characteristics and experiences.
There are many new therapists and experienced therapists.
You are sure to find the perfect therapist for you.

​Reliable customer service

Homely warmth

Comfortable treatment

Because our job is to interact with customers, we provide warmth, comfort, and peace of mind.
We provide relaxing hospitality tailored to our customers.
When you return home, feel light in mind and body.


​Therapist interview

Pick Up Therapists

​Therapists who decorate Kyoto Hogushido are picked up by area. We focused on the individual therapists and talked about their work.

Okinawa area

Shintoshin Omoromachi salon

Haruka Chinen

Haruka Chinen

Therapist history 2018~

Specialty menu: Oil treatment/Dry head spa

“Our goal is to make our customers feel at ease.therapist.
I feel relievedI want to be a person. ”


Q. How did you start working? A. Because I wanted to do a job where I could shine. I wanted to do something for myself. It is important to have fun and shine. I want to continue working until I'm 80 years old, so I can continue working for the rest of my life. Thinking about my life plan, I instinctively thought, this is it! I thought. I feel fulfilled every day. I'm glad we met. Q. How do you feel about working at Kyoto Hogushido? A.I'm learning a lot. Learning by watching things like customer service and having seniors who talk to you and teach you are important. All of them are senior to us in terms of years of experience, so if you ask them, they'll tell you even more. Q. How do you balance raising children? A. I'm doing it while causing trouble lol Children imitate the treatment, and their warm hands are soothing. It's become a form of family communication. If my husband is tired with the kids, I will comfort him. My family is happy. Q.The number of designated customers has also increased, hasn't it? A.I have been able to create connections between people. I want to accumulate it little by little. Q.What was your background before becoming a therapist? A. After getting married and having children, I tried becoming a therapist. Even my family was surprised lol Q.What kind of therapist do you want to become in the future? A.My goal is to be a therapist who helps customers feel at ease. I want to be the kind of person who makes people feel at ease.

アンカー 1

Kyoto area

Porta Kyoto Station Salon

Ju Ikuno

Ju Ikuno

Therapist history 1990~ (USA/Japan)

Specialty menu: Lymph korugi/general body care

"I can provide not only satisfaction but also surprise and excitement. I would like to continue to be a therapist with such a detailed eye."

Q. How do you feel about working at Kyoto Hogushido? A.It's easy to work. Although it's a shift system, the company is flexible, so it's easy to find time for your private life. I'm blessed with the staff I work with, and I feel comfortable here, so it's almost my 10th year here. Q.In what ways has your experience abroad been helpful? A: I guess it's because I can now speak English. Kyoto has a lot of foreign tourists, so it's useful for customer service. Additionally, being blessed with the opportunity to treat clients of many different races, cultures, and professions has given me great confidence in my career as a therapist. Q.What is the secret to continuing to work as a therapist for a long time like Mr. Ikuno? A: I think it's important to continue to love this job. When I feel like I'm starting to dislike something, I try to find some distraction to reset my mind. For me, it's travel and music. Q: As a therapist, is there anything you keep in mind when interacting with clients? A. The purpose of the treatment is to meet the customer's requests, but is it possible to take the treatment to a higher level? I think so. For example, if we can find and treat the fatigue and stiffness that the customer is unaware of, we can provide surprise and excitement in addition to satisfaction. I would like to continue to be a therapist with such a detailed eye. Moved to the United States in 1990. Worked on-site at a Shiatsu clinic in Oahu, Hawaii, and then worked for 12 years at the long-established Salon de Tokyo in Manhattan, New York. After leaving the company, he opened a home salon in Brooklyn, California. We collaborate with travel agencies to provide treatments for VIP customers of Japanese companies. Although his clients include many celebrities, including people of various races, artists, and actors, he returned to Japan in 2010 after living abroad for 20 years. He has supported Kyoto Hogushido since its founding, and works as a lymphatic colgist and therapist at the store he is in charge of.

therapist's love

Become a therapist.

Become a therapist

“It felt good, thank you.”
It should be a familiar word, but
A smile on your face is proof of your hard work.
When I think about you, my heart becomes clear.
This job is love.


kyoto hogushido

Kyoto HoguShido​ is recruiting therapists.
​If you are interested in becoming a therapist, please knock on our door.
I'm sure we'll laugh together,You should be able to open up to them.
​If you are interested, click here


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