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Q 1  Can I designate a therapist? ​

Yes, there is a nomination system. We charge a designated fee (starting at ¥200) for each therapist.

Men and women are required to specify the gender of the therapist (¥100). still,A female therapist will be in charge of the oil treatment.

Q2 Can you tell me the name of your past therapist?

A. If you have a point card given to you when you first visit the store, it will have a stamp with the name of the person in charge on the date of your previous treatment.If you are unsure, please contact the store.

Q3 How many days in advance can I make a reservation for my desired visit date?

A. Reservations can be made from 2 weeks in advance (14 days in advance).

Q4 How many people can I make a reservation at one time?

A. It depends on the reservation status of your desired date and time, so please contact the store of your choice.

Q5 Is there a change of clothes available?

​A.Yes, we have it available at the store and are waiting for you.

Q6  Do I need to make a reservation?

A.Depending on availability, you may be able to come directly to the store, but reservations will be given priority.

Q7  Is there a cancellation fee?

A. We do not charge any cancellation fees. If you wish to cancel on the same day, please contact the store even if you made an online reservation. If you repeatedly cancel without permission, we may refuse your next visit.

Q8 Is it okay to drink alcohol?

A: We do not allow customers who have been drinking alcohol.

Q9 Are you recruiting therapists?

A. Yes,herePlease contact us from.


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